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We are unmatched in our dedication to you!

By building a connection with our patients, we have built an extended family for all of the patients, health aides, coordinators, and management throughout all of Advantage Home Care.

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Who We Are

We offer not only home care, but CDPAP and PCA services

Home Care
Pesonal Care

Why Choose Us

We take care of your needs, wherever you are.

Our team of the best home health aids go above and beyond to provide services to  ensure their patient’s comfort and well-being. 

House Keeping

Our aides will assist with laundry and do light housekeeping to ensure a tidy environment.

24/7 MD Access

As one of our patients, you will have access to our team of Doctors and Nurses from the comfort of your own home 24/7.

Personal Care

We assist in getting dressed, grooming, toileting, and bathing.


All of our aides become very close to our patients and become close friends.

Our Services

Through Advantage the possibilities are endless

From social services to ensuring primary care, Advantage will assist patients with housing, food, and so much more AT NO COST TO YOU!

Grocery Items

With a $225 sti pen per month, we will ensure that the attainment of healthy groceries will not be an issue.

Affordable Housing

If you are in need of housing assistance, we will assist in finding an affordable living facility.


Everyone needs to get around and as part of our services we will cover both medical and non-medical transportation services.

Dental (Preventative & Comprehensive)

Use any one of the thousands of dentist within our network to ensure good oral hygiene and avoid any pain.

Over the Counter and Non-Prescription Drug Coverage

We will cover most OTC and non-prescription drugs up to $225 per month.

24/7 Monitoring

With the latest state of the art equipment and medical saftey devices installed in your home, you will have access to medical care 24/7.

Our Administrative Staff

Meet the Management

Understanding the people behind the scenes is just as important as understanding who t he home care attendants are. At Advantage, we all work together to provide you the best possible Care.

Natalie Krivoruk

Chief Executive Officer

Philip Krivoruk

Chief Operating Officer

Victoria Salkinder

Chief Marketing Officer

Oleg Shigol

Director Of Patient Services

What They Say ?

With caring hands, we will Enrich your life and Enhance your Care.

Hear what so many have to say about Advantage Home Care. With some of the best reviews on Google and Yelp, our satisfied clients highlight our exceptional services, compassionate staff, and the positive impact we’ve made on their lives. Join our community of happy clients and experience the high-quality care that sets Advantage Home Care apart.

I have interacted with Advantage Home Care and I found them to be very professional and helpful to both their aides and patients. This agency is where the real meaning of home care is manifested. Despite shortcomings of some aides, Advantage Home Care caters for the needs of all through personal trainings and dialogues. I love the determination of their coordinators who are simply very caring.

Baboucarr Sawaneh Patient

Advantage Home Care is a great asset for the Brooklyn area, in my opinion, due to its personal approach, professionalism and abilities to resolve most situations with successful outcome. They have been taking care of my aunt for many years and I found this agency to be reliable and I would not hesitate to recommend them to any person who might need assistance. My overall experience with the staff has been wonderful and I think that Advantage Home care provides patients with excellent care! Their Aids are very responsible and caring.

Gina Krivorot Relative of Patient

My 90 year old parents, David and Emma, would like to express deep gratitude to Advantage Home Care for their professionalism, thorough knowledge of the healthcare system and tremendous compassion. After Emma’s heart attack in April 2022, she spent 5 months in a hospital and a rehabilitation center. Upon discharge, Emma was referred to a nursing home since it was deemed that home conditions were not acceptable to provide proper care. Advantage Home Care team developed, guided and executed a plan to enable Emma to come home instead of the nursing home. She is now very comfortable, and both David and Emma are well cared for and fully supported. We would recommend Advantage Home Care without any hesitation to any family that feels lost and is struggling with caring for their aging family members.

Larry Reznik Relative of Patient
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My Incredible Journey as a Home Attendant at Advantage Home Care: A Story of Fulfillment and Growth

My Incredible Journey as a Home Attendant at Advantage Home Care: A Story of Fulfillment and Growth

My Incredible Journey as a Home Attendant at Advantage Home Care: A Story of Fulfillment and Growth An article written by Kristine Krivchenko Hi, my name is Kristine Krivchenko, and […]